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Corporate Wokeplace -

A blog created by Stephanie Kaplan (a pseudonym), an experienced HR professional who got tired of the pandering and hypocrisy she observed from corporate America, as companies became increasingly woke.  The blog's mission is to cover instances when companies large and small clash with wokeness, and the effect it has on the ordinary consumer.  In most cases (but not always!) wokeness wins.  Ms. Kaplan is available for consultation by companies, or their employees, on how to navigate wokeness, and avoid, to use her term - becoming a wokeplace.


James Lindsey, Helen Pluckrose, and Peter Boghossian

A lot of the wokeness we see played out in society right now - be it of the corporate kind, the media, the violence of ANTIFA and BLM activists, or of course the policies of left leaning political parties and governments around the world; had their start in academia.  The universities, especially non-engineering/technical departments have been woke for decades, well before the rest of society.  It is these woke disciplines, labelled "grievance studies", that James Lindsey and his friends Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian (all of whom had a background in academia) targeted in what has become known as the grievance studies hoax papers.  They wrote and submitted to grievance studies academic journals completely ridiculous fake academic papers, under false authorship.  The goal was to get them accepted and published within these journals, to expose the fraudulence of grievance studies. 

One paper claimed to have studied the sexual behaviour of dogs in a local dog park, and came to the conclusion that men should be trained like dogs (leashes and shock therapy) to prevent rape culture.  Another based on the premise that "a fat body is a legitimately built body", made the case for introducing fat body building into the sport of body building, and was submitted to a journal on fat studies.  And then there was a paper that took a chapter from Adolf Hitler's memoir Mein Kampf, and translated it into feminist theory.  Many of the papers were accepted into these journals, the dog park one actually won an award from a feminist journal.  If you want to read more about the grievance studies hoax, follow this link:

Since the grievance studies hoax Lindsey in particular has been prolific, practically waging a one man war against wokeness on twitter.  He has also co-authored a book with Helen Pluckrose that critiques wokeness - Cynical Theories.  And his website which he contributes, along with Pluckrose, Boghossian, and a few others has enough material to practically start its own discipline - Unwoke Studies.  


Andy Ngo -

Andy Ngo rose to prominence by documenting the antics of Antifa in what is probably the wokest city in America - Portland, his home town.  This has led to him being targeted by Antifa for harrasment and physically assaulted.  As such most of the videos he now posts are done by other videographers.  Sometimes even by members of Antifa.  As the BLM riots have spread and intensified the video's have covered events from all over the US.  As of the time of this writing his page is showing videos of the insane looting and burning happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin.      


The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin started out as a leftie liberal, appearing on the progressive left leaning political talk channel The Young Turks, around 2013.  He eventually moved his show the Rubin Report away from the Young Turks as he began to question his own progressive beliefs.  Rubin himself has pointed to one 2017 interview in particular with black conservative Larry Elder that flipped his mindset.  Elder challenged Rubin's automatic assumption of the existence of systematic racism, with stat after stat on police shootings, and black on black crime.  Dave Rubin now considers himself a classical liberal.


Tim Cast IRL

Tim Pool is an independent journalist and political commentator who was involved in the occupy wall street protests of 2011.  Mostly left leaning, he is however known for taking media outlets and social media companies to task for censorship, and misleading democratic party talking points.  A lot of the recent interviews on his channel have featured traditional liberals who have left the democratic party.


Ben Shapiro

For more traditional conservative commentary check out Ben Shapiro.  Opinionated, sharp, and principled, like many conservative's he is willing to sit down with people on the other side of the political spectrum.  For example his interview with then Democratic party presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


Triggernometry -

Triggernometry is an unwoke youtube channel featuring a sit down interview format run by two British comedians - Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster.  Their about us page on youtube describes their show as believing in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.  Based in England, many of their guests are English and the discussion usually ranges around wokeness in British politics and culture.  They do however have a lot of international guests, particularly from North America. 

The interview with a British grooming gang survivor is especially interesting.  Grooming gangs were organized gangs of British muslim men of mostly south asian origin who preyed on teenage white girls in towns like Rotherham.  The interviewee claims that she was lured in by her then boyfriend, and forced to perform degrading sexual acts for these men.  The men used threats and intimidation to buy a victim's silence.  The admittedly immoral behaviour among this particular subset of people was traced back to local mosques, which denigrated non-muslim Britons.  Despite the threats, the woman did tell the police on several occasions.  The most shocking part of the interview was the police's response to her, which was that they couldn't do anything because they didn't want to create ethnic strife between England's sizeable muslim population, and white people.  This lack of action allowed the grooming gangs to operate for years, and their victims number in the thousands.


Conversations with John Anderson

Australia, as it turns out, is very woke.  For example an Aussie university became the first in the world to discriminate by gender, allowing women to enter into engineering programs with lower admissions tests, in a bid to get more women into engineering.

For a bracing corrective, checkout conversations with John Anderson.  John Anderson is a former deputy prime minister of Australia, serving in the reformist government of John Howard from 1996 to 2005.  He can basically be described as a conservative in the British tory mold.  His experience as a parliamentarian becomes very evident in the quality of his interviews.  Recommended are his conversations with Douglas Murray, author of The Madness of Crowds, and Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Case for Trump.