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If you have any questions, complaints, or even design ideas for shirts,  please go over to our contact us page and let us know!



Note that all transactions are in US dollars.



How long will it take to get my order?  The latest updates from our garment supplier printful on fulfillment times for different countries are here:

After clicking the link, go to the row labelled DTG.  That will have the fulfillment times for all shirts and hats.  The mugs usually take about 1 week, but can be up to 2 weeks during peak times, such as Christmas.  



How are items bundled when they are shipped, and how are shipping costs calculated?

There are three categories of items sold in the store - apparel, hats, and mugs, and there's a flat shipping rate associated with each of them, based on the destination country for the customer.  Items in an order that are in the same category are usually shipped together.  The flat rate applies no matter how many items in a particular category you buy.  So if you live in the US, regardless of whether you bought 1 or 3 shirts, the shipping charges will be zero.  Similarly if you live in the UK, no matter how many shirts you bought, you will be charged the same flat rate of $2.39.  

If you bought items from different shipping categories, then the sum total of shipping each item will appear in the shipping price at checkout.  So if you live in the US and you bought a t-shirt and a cap, the total amount you will be charged for shipping is $2.95, since that's the price for shipping the cap, while the t-shirt is still zero dollars to ship.



Are mugs available anywhere besides the US?

Not at this time.  However if there is enough demand, we could start shipping to the UK in particular in the near future. 



What is the return policy?

In general there are two reasons for a product issue:

1. It's defective in some way - eg a bad print job, or damaged somehow.

2. In the case of a garment, it doesn't fit, so a different size is required. 

In scenario 1):

You have a choice of getting a replacement product free of any charge, or a refund on your purchase.

Email us at with your name, order #, a verbal description of what's wrong with your product, and attach a pic of the defective product that shows the problem that you describe.  Also tell us whether you want a refund, or a replacement product.

We will contact our supplier Printful on your behalf, present your case, and once we get the acknowledge from Printful, either a refund or a reshipment will be issued, based on what you specified.  In the case of a reshipment, the replacement product will be printed and mailed to you free of charge.  You don't have to do anything else, and can keep the defective product.

To get a free replacement product Printful mandates that we have to contact them within 4 weeks after the product has been received, so reach out to us as soon as possible.

In scenario 2):

There is no refund in the case of a wrong size shirt, however we do offer exchanges.

Email us at with your name, order #, the size shirt you received, and the size shirt that you require.  There is a packing slip that came inside your package with the shirt.  It will have a return address for your product.  Please include that address in your email as well so we can notify that facility of a return.  Alternatively you could just attach a pic of the packing slip to your email.

After we've notified our supplier Printful of the upcoming exchange, we'll send you an email with instructions to mail your shirt, along with the packing slip that came with it, to the return address on the slip.  Once we've been notified by Printful that your return has been received, we'll order a replacement shirt at no extra charge and send it out to you.



How do I know my size when buying t-shirts online?

There will be a little bit of shrinkage after the first wash.  If you're not sure what size to get, the sizing chart below is accurate. 

The width is the distance across the chest measured from the bottom of each seam where the sleeves attach to the shirt.  A handy trick would be to take the same measurement of your favourite t-shirt with a ruler or measuring tape,  so you can choose your size with more confidence.  The shirts run about one size smaller than the equivalent size at Old Navy.


Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (inches) 28 29 ¼ 30 ¼ 31 ¼ 32 ½ 33 ½
Width (inches) 18 20 22 24 26 28