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Hi Folks!

Welcome to Unwoke Apparel - where we're unwoke all the time. 

So...what does unwoke really mean?  Perhaps it would be easier to understand if we examine its better known root word - woke.  If you type “woke” into google, you get hundreds of results either with definitions for woke, or articles referencing it.  Among the top hits was this definition

“alert to injustice in society, especially racism.”

Right below it, “woke” was used in the following sentence to give it context:

“We need to stay angry, and stay woke

These two statements taken together encapsulate wokeness, in my opinion.  The first is taken as a foundational truth by the woke, which allows them to carry out the second statement, in the form of social justice.  Discriminatory laws that once existed in the US, such as denying the right to vote for women, or requiring blacks to give up their seats on public transit to whites have long since been removed.  There is no existing law that prevents everyone from having an equality of opportunity, or equal treatment under the law, within any western democracy.  Current legislation is the way it is because it reflects the values and beliefs of the vast majority of the population.    

While there is an equality of opportunity for all individuals, that does not mean that we will get an equality of outcome across the board.  Different people, and different groups of people, will get different results.  For example the existence of a wage gap between men and women has been parroted by feminists for years.  However data has shown that the gap is largely down to differences in choices of college majors between men and women, and different choices made further down the career path.  Some ethnic groups will do better financially than others.  Again data has shown that this is mainly due to cultural differences that result in different behaviour and choices amongst individuals.  But ask any woke journalist why whites are on average wealthier in the US than blacks and they’ll blame systematic racism.  Never mind that first or second generation asian immigrants that often arrive with not much money, end up being wealthier than both those groups.  Ask a feminist about the wage gap, and she’ll blame the patriarchy.  An unseen but powerful male hierarchy.  Question it, and you’re part of the problem. 

The statement:

“We need to stay angry, and stay woke

Is dogmatic.  Activists who enact it believe there shouldn’t be any opposing view points besides the official woke ones.  It is a very tribal reaction that involves smearing those with differing views as nazis or fascists, to justify shouting them down, or enacting actual violence against them.  Meanwhile the very words of those not deemed woke, are considered violence.  Requiring safe spaces, and in some cases intervention by authorities on charges of hate crimes. 

If I could define what it means to be unwoke, I would say that it’s to prevent negative emotions, especially anger, from controlling your actions, such that at a minimum, you don’t confront differing points of view with the righteous fervour of inquisitors hunting heretics.  To be unwoke is to listen, speak, and think for yourself, as to whether something really is an injustice in society, or something else more complicated.  To be unwoke is to believe in the right to free speech, to understand its importance and role in our society.  Increasingly, as institutions such as the media, government bureaucracies, and large companies, follow the role of academia in becoming woke, it’s felt as if we’re living in a kind of soft authoritarianism.  Speak your mind and suffer the consequences.  I fear that if this trend continues, this will no longer be a battle about freedom of speech, but about the freedom of thought itself.

The slogans on these t-shirts were mostly inspired by things heard on social media, particularly twitter and youtube.  You may not agree with all of them, and that’s ok.  I’ve worn several of these shirts in public, without any bad incidents, and I'll continue to wear more.  That’s not to say you’ll have the same experience.  As always, wear at your own risk. 

I started this company because I noticed the undue influence that woke writers online were having in the real world - be it with activists, or effecting government policy.  I wanted a way for people to express ideas or opinions in the real world, thus bypassing the anonymity of the online world that seemed to give people a green light to behave horribly.  Would twitter trolls have the courage to walk up to someone, look them in the eye and say the same things that they would if they saw that slogan online?  I don’t think so.  And what could actually result from a forthright exchange between two people about an idea expressed on one of these shirts?  I hope you find out.


Good luck my friends, and stay unwoke!

Dak Perera

Founder, Unwoke Apparel     

ps. While I have your attention: 

Each shirt on the homepage represents a collection, centred around a unique slogan.  Each slogan comes in either black or white, with a shirt in at least 6 different colors.